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Date: 6/8/99 2:45:14 AM Central Daylight Time

From: Jim's (3rd Oldest of 4) Sister LAURA & she lives in FL

To: Mendy

Hi Mendy,

Just read the info on Rod and his golfing. Too funny!!! Actually did lol, really, a major chuckle. You really did a great job with it. No surprise - you are sooooo talented.

Love Laura

Rod goes golfing with all (each and every one) of his friends

And keeps his own score (obvious UCMJ & Ethics violation)

Shannon to Investigate


After an initial investigation into the score card of what is apparently the back nine and following my experience of the past week I must advise you that I feel you should assign an appropriate investigating officer to conduct a one person formal board of inquiry. I assume that you and the CDR would be parties of interest and I would in this case be willing to waive my rights as a party in this regard due to my level of play.

My informal investigation has revealed that the 6 on number 18 occurred by the third drop from the woods to the right of the fairway after the decision was made to play the second shot off the tee and before the reviewing party had an opportunity to comment on those unusual 90 degree shots. I must also take issue with the 7 on number 1 since we were forced to "pick up" when I had my one and only opportunity to actually make par after my ball showed up just off the green and others were not found. I would however be willing to invoke my own double par rule and accept an 8 on the score card in question for each of those holes.




The Traditional Annual d8 3rd Thursday of the Month of June

After Work Staff Golf Championship

(of which this is the 1st)


Looks like that happened

From: Jim

Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 08:52 AM

To: Walker, Roderick LCDR



I note that you came in 2nd at last week's golf championship = Congrats.


From: Walker, Roderick LCDR

Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 9:04 AM

To: Wilson, James LCDR

Subject: RE: Last Week's Golf Tourney


Typically, you slanted the Traditional Annual d8 3rd Thursday of June golf tourney so that you could look good. But that's ok. Since you have the only keys to "my" web page and you also have a history of jimmying with the score, everyone knows you shot 60 and I shot 55!

The only way you can clarify the score is a rematch during the Annual Traditional d8 4th Thursday in June tournament at the same location. If you chicken out, then everyone will know who the real champion is. Also, it would be wise to bring a third party as an appropriate witness. Bill, Mike or Shannon would be fine.

I hope you won't run scared with a weak excuse like, "Mendy will take my putter and beat me with it if I ask her if I can golf this Thursday." We all know that she will beat you with it anyway!!!


From: Jim

Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 11:52 AM

To: Walker, Roderick LCDR



Your nose is growing. Please be careful. It could eventually interfere with your back swing.


From: Wilson, Michael SCPO (Stationed Ketchikan AK- Youngest of 3 Brothers)

Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 5:24 PM

To: Wilson, James LCDR


Pretty funny. You guys take your golf way to seriously. I believe the other guy's story by the way.

Your honest brother,


You are trespassing on Rod's Golf Page 6

Page 7