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Saturday, October 30, 1999

Rod & Jim do


Highlights # 1: Rod sets up a tee time for 0730 but Major tourney going . Pro Shop says we can only play the 3rd 9 links (19 thru 27) and can only play it once due to the tourney. Rod doesn't care cause he wants to try out his new woods. Rod no longer owns any irons, only woods, a putter & a new chipper. I think Rod now has a set of woods that number 1 thru 56. At least for sure he has woods that run from the driver to the pitching wood.

While putting out on the 5th hole on the 3rd 9 links, Ambassador #1 shows up and tells us we cannot play the 3rd 9 links and we need to go back for a talk with the Starter. Ambassador #1 takes our receipts, puts our names on them, and tells us to follow him across the course. Half way back for our discussion with the Starter, Ambassador #1 gets a radio call saying it is okay for us to continue on the 3rd 9 links. Ambassador #1 says he will keep our receipts and we are good to go as everything is straightened out and he will bring our receipts back to us.

Rod decides we outta replay #5 to teach them a lesson and to remediate our disgust. Shortly after teeing off for the 2nd time on #5, Ambassador #2 shows up and tells us we cannot play the 3rd 9 links and we need to go back for a talk with the Starter. Ambassador #2 doesn't care what the Pro Shop said, we need to go back for a discussion with the Starter. Ambassador # 2 doesn't care what Ambassador #1 said, the Starter would like to have a dialogue with us. Ambassador #2 wants to see our receipts and looks askance at Rod when Rod tries to explain to Ambassador #2 that Ambassador #1 had the receipts.

Jim begs Rod not to use his Academy Links language & tone and volume of voice on Ambassador #2. Unbelievably, Rod complies. Jim uses his Direct Commission Links language & tone and volume of voice on Ambassador #2 and smoothes everything out. The game continues as the rain comes down.

Upon completion of the 3rd 9 links, Jim & Rod discuss whether they should try to talk their way into another 9 holes. The duo decides to try. The Starter says, "Are you Jim, the Direct Commission guy?" Jim says, "Why yes I am." The Starter says, "That's not Rod, the Academy guy, with you is it?" Jim says, "No, that's Bill, Rod had to leave." Rod agrees that he is not Rod. The Starter says, "Come on, I'll let you two tee-off on the 1st 9 links right now!"

Rod enters the Pro Shop to pay for another 9 holes, explains who he is (Bill) and mentions he & Jim have been approved by the Starter for another 9. The Pro Shop says, "Tell Jim we are sorry about the earlier problems, the remainder of the day is on the house." 18 holes completed (19 if you count playing the 3rd nine links #5 twice).

Highlight # 2: Rod's 1st use of his new #13 wood on a 95 yard shot.

Highlight # 3: Rod's 1st use of his new #38 wood on a 20 yard chip shot.

Highlight # 4: Rod shows up with new & illegal Chipper. He uses it when his shortest wood is too long (less than 5 yards).

Rod makes Jim buy one too. Reason is Rod wanted to return his new woods to the golf shop & he wanted a witness that the clubs were defective. Edwin Watts explained to Rod that he had guaranteed the new woods may help Rod try to beat Jim. Edwin said they had been reviewing Rod's Golf Page and nothing they sell could assure Rod would beat Jim.

Highlight #5: Jim pads his retirement kitty. (Not that much of a highlight when Rod's around.)

Rod's Totally Irrelevant, Immaterial, and Not Hardly Even True, - Obnoxious Rebuttal

From: Walker, Roderick LCDR

Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 9:02 AM

To: Wilson, James LCDR

Subject: Rod's Golf Page


This looks as good as always. Does closing the page mean you have retired from golfing? If so, then I will be expecting the money you owe me from Bingo Bango Bongo....approximately 33 cents. Check the math if you wish! I don't accept checks, credit cards or money orders.....only cold hard cash will do.


From: Jim

To: Rod

Subject: RE: Rod's Golf Page

Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 09:30:46 -0600


Of course I am not gonna quit golfing. As you are aware, of all the things I do extremely well, golf is what I do best.

Also, I know you know that I am getting ready to retire & thus live on a much reduced income. Therefore, am sure you are wondering when I am going to need to call in my Bingo Bango Bongo debts. I don't know when but intended to give everyone a break & wait till I absolutely needed the money.

However, if you keep trying to back out like your "....approximately 33 cents" comment indicates you are trying to do, I may request it in a lump sum from you. I will consider any income statements, payments statements, etc., you wish to provide (if they are validated by your wife as - obviously - your credibility is somewhere below 0) prior to making my "lump sum" decision.



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