3 Floaters & a Ball & 1/2 = We be even.

L&S, Mendy

P.S. = Happy Birthday

Date: 8/23/99 2:45:06 PM Central Daylight Time

From: ROD


I received your gift of the floatable "snorkel" golf balls during our most excellent road trip to Wax Ky. Thank you very much for your efforts to help me hold on to golf balls as I approach water hazards. My golf game is improving though. I now only lose golf balls to "virtual tree limbs" over picturesque holes (such as Shady Hollow Par 3 Number 6 hole). I had a great time on the road trip and I learned the real reason why Jim is a great golfer.........Busch Beer!!!


Explanation: On one of the most beautiful par 3's in the world, Rod hit a ball that was heading right straight at the flag (on his 4th Mulligan [for that hole - not for that 9]). Sandy & Jim & Rod suddenly heard the unmistakable clunk of the ball hitting a tree limb. The ball was in sight the whole way and there was no tree limb. The ball went straight down into the ravine. Who can figure? (Jim's opinion: it was going to be a hole-in-one but the golf god was paying Rod back for scaring strangers off greens world-wide.) (Rod's opinion, he hit a wood(en) duck.)




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