Friday, June 30, 1999 = Jim shows Rod what a real splash looks like


Date: 5/1/99 11:19:50 PM Central Daylight Time

From: D8dlo

To: MendyOrJim,


CC: Bobbo 10

OK - Formal protest must be filed.

How could I play 18 holes without ever scoring a 5? This is a mathematical, practical impossibility. I mean, what are the odds of such a happenstance? It must be at least 5-1 against.

I know - the Academy guys were keeping score. So that is how I did not go broke - the direct commission guys kept tabs on the bingo, bango, bongo. Hmm - sounds about even.


The Academy guys were keeping the score. They make a habit of writing your 5s with Curly-Qs. Makes your 5s look like 8s. I would have talked to them about it but you've seen and heard how scary their leader gets on a golf course.


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